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AppliedMeta has its historical routes in bespoke software development, with management of complex, sensitive and extensive datasets for large blue chip clients. AppliedMeta's current range of products continues to develop in joint venture with public and private partners who operate and sponsor the associated pilot schemes.
Partners to date include, a number of Commercial Organisation, Secondary Schools, Academy Trusts, Professional Bodies and Consultancies. If the cost and expense of employing your own IT department are obstacles to your required business efficiencies, then consider a bespoke commission utilising the resource available at AppliedMeta.Joint venture development of a subscription product and 'white labelling' is a core model, and is one that can accommodate a more restrictive budget. A full turnkey and maintained proposal can be offered with reserved rights and ownership protected by Escrow. Alternatively a simple consultancy retainer may be an appropriate means to satisfy your needs.
For further information please call: +44 (0)161 850 1650, or send an email to:
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